Therapy Blog

Here, you’ll find my thoughts on all things mental health. I hope you find it useful and inspiring, it’s a resource designed to add value.

Having a foot firmly in both the psychology and psychotherapy camps, in the therapy blog I aim to explore the way that they can empower each other. The fact that there is a profession aimed at understanding and alleviating suffering of the mind is a constant inspiration to me.

I see mental health as being underpinned by mental fitness. We can improve our lives and how we feel by how we think, and thinking well is a skill we can learn like any other. This therapy blog looks at some the most common issues, informing you and helping.

We can use psychotherapy and psychology not just in times of difficulty, but to build fitter, stronger minds and improve our ability to cope.

If you have any thoughts or comments please feel free to contact me, and thanks for reading.


Counsellor in Bolton

Your counsellor in Bolton is Stuart Cale who holds both BACP and UKCP memberships to ensure that you get the very best service. With an MA in counselling and psychotherapy practice as well as post-graduate qualification in applied mental health psychology, the exact help you need is now available in Bolton and Manchester. Stuart’s approach […]

Bolton Hypnotherapy

Bolton hypnotherapy appointments are available now with Stuart Cale. Stuart has an MA in Counseling and Psychotherapy and a Postgraduate Certificate in Applied Mental Health Psychology as well as being both UKCP and BACP registered. “Hypnotherapist is sadly not a protected title in the UK, the UKCP is the country’s gold standard of accreditation in […]

An image of the blue, cloudy sky in summer to represent Summer SAD a Talking-Cure offering support to those struggling with depression, anxiety, SAD and other mental health issues in Bolton

Summer SAD?

Summer SAD? It seems that summer is here. We’ve had a lot of glorious sunshine with little rain at all for a while and lighter evenings. When I start to think about summer generally, I have a number of loosely connected thoughts Will we have a real summer? Endless dry sunny days with a hosepipe […]