Counselling Bolton

Find help here if you feel stuck and want to feel better.

If you are anxious, depressed, confused or worried then counselling can help you find peace.

You may have tried to solve the issue yourself and found that hasn’t worked, and perhaps you fear it may not improve.

Whether you know what the problem is or not, the supportive and accepting relationship in counselling can help you to feel free and choose a new outlook.

Self-doubt maybe holding you back from a return to your peaceful life. In Counselling, the focus is not on the problem but on the therapist to client relationship and supporting you in moving forwards.

What to expect from Counselling Bolton with me

In counselling the focus is on you and how you see the world.

Whether you feel you need to move away from discomfort or towards a goal, you have access to the help you need.

Your problems matter and so does what you want and above all your happiness matters.

ask yourself – when was the last time someone really listened to you?

By focusing on seeing the world through your eyes and accepting your reality, I can help you to explore limiting emotions, thoughts and behaviours which could include:

  • too much concern with others’ opinions
  • other peoples’ rules about how you ‘should’ live
  • worry about expectations

and help you to move towards more positive qualities such as;

  • being more comfortable with your real self
  • being more comfortable with making your own choices
  • valuing yourself and your feelings
  • living in the moment rather than worrying about the future
  • understanding others
  • cherishing those close to you and those you want to be closer to
  • seeing the unknown as possibility rather than threat

Counselling Bolton with me, Stuart,  means you have access to BACP and UKCP registered and accredited therapy at times convenient to you.

Counselling Bolton proudly displays the BACP Registered Logo for Stuart Cale

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I look forward to working with you.