Quit smoking

My Quit Smoking Solution

Quit smoking – A Different Approach

A new specialist quit smoking clinic for Bolton and Manchester using hypnotherapy.

I help both physical and emotional issues in smoking, each treatment is individual to the client and uses the proven psychotherapy techniques to make quick change.

I don’t believe smokers are stupid but many stop smoking solutions are rooted in that belief. Why is it that society and non-smokers often treat people who smoke as if they are stupid? Every smoker is aware of the risks, it’s impossible not to be, there are reminders everywhere.

Smokers are treated as second class citizens, literally shoved out in the cold, so why then do people continue to smoke? Ask any smoker whether knowing what they do now, if they could go back in time would they still make the same choice to start smoking? The answer will almost always be no.

I believe that labelling smokers as stupid underpins the idea that smokers are all they are. They’re much more than that; they’re our parents, our children, brothers and sisters, husbands and wives.

Smokers are aware, thinking, caring people, not fools and treating them like fools is not the way to help those who want to stop.

There is a new way forward.

A New You

You will know that health scares can bring on attempts to quit, but often only work temporarily. You will be aware that short term need usually wins out over the possibility of health gains far off in the future.

We all know that if you take something away, it becomes more desirable than ever. Sound familiar?

These are just a few of the ingredients of a cocktail of elements that smokers have to deal with when stopping smoking. My solution is based on a change in the way you feel about smoking at an unconscious level, removing that feeling of being deprived, of losing something.

If you’re relying on e-cigs, gum or other types of nicotine replacement therapy, then you’ve substituted one problem for another. Restore the freedom to change with my help and you can open up immediate rewards. You can benefit financially, emotionally and physically.

If you are looking for a fully supported and positive quit smoking solution not available elsewhere, delivered at your convenience, please contact me for more information.For £100, you could get around two weeks worth of cigarettes, or the help you need to never buy another pack again.