Bolton Anxiety Group

Bolton Anxiety Group is a resource for you if you are anxious, worried, panicky, stressed or care about someone who is.

Simply, it gives you access to the expert help that mine and my colleagues’ experience can offer in a friendly, supportive social environment and at a fraction of the cost of one-to-one therapy.

It came from the obvious need to be able to reach more people and to provide the tools to deal with panic and anxiety, to support, educate and help.

The idea came when I was teaching one of my UKCP courses and around the table were a dozen students eager to learn about anxiety, where it comes from, how it works and what can be done to treat it

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Realising that a good part of overcoming anxiety is learning about it, I decided to make that learning available to you in similar sized groups who can share experience and together help each other to move on from it.

I fought my own battle with anxiety many years ago after burning out as a Lawyer and recovering. I became interested in therapy and retrained. I left the Law because this frankly is more important.

My journey out of anxiety and panic attacks reminded me of how when you understand something and shine a light on it, it becomes less scary.

Like that dressing gown hanging on the back of your childhood bedroom door which was a monster before the light was switched on and you saw what it really was.

I talked it over with some colleagues and decided to offer a safe, warm environment where people could learn techniques to help themselves.

As a Psychotherapist, Counsellor, Hypnotherapist and Psychologist specialising in anxiety and self-esteem issues, I have amassed thousands of hours of learning, research and clinical practice

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Bolton Anxiety Group is a way for you to get those benefits.

It isn’t group therapy, no-one has to share personal details, but as in my UKCP Therapist training courses, they often do.

And they find they are not alone.

It is a way to learn how to help yourself and obtain the tools to cope, change and live better going forward.

If you are interested then please get in touch, the group runs in twelves and once twelve are in place a new group begins.

Bolton Anxiety Group is an evening group and lasts one and a half hours with a short break in the middle.

The cost is £20 per weekly meeting.

For more details contact me here.

I look forward to working with you.