CBT Bolton

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is one of a number of Psychotherapy techniques to help clients with emotional, thought or behaviour issues.

CBT is different in some important basics.

It is focused in the here and now

The focus is on how our emotions, thoughts and actions make our problems and issues.

It is very personal and examines our ‘map’ of our world and how that may be different from the actual world.

It can help to narrow down what changes are necessary

Therapist and client identify and set targets together

The client becomes ‘scientist’ and tests the environment and the accuracy of their beliefs

It is active rather than passive

It is flexible and adaptable

It is short-term focused

How CBT Bolton applies these basics;

There is never a substitute for a good therapeutic relationship in therapy.

As always, before any real work can be done, you need to be listened to properly, heard and understood.

My approach is to couple that good base with the active advantages of a CBT approach and work ‘with you’ not ‘on you’ to give you the tools to make the change.

It’s often an approach used by the NHS for anxiety and depression, and the reason for that is that it is proven to be effective for both these issues.

Some clients like to be more involved in the therapy themselves, understanding the principles, how it works and testing their progress, finally taking the tools to apply them elsewhere.

For these kinds of clients, CBT can be the perfect approach.   

In CBT there is a link drawn between different areas of your experience – look at it like this, if you change one thing, you change others.

For example – Imagine you get off a plane at your holiday destination…

to blue sky and blue sea….

you have changed your environment.

that will change your thoughts –  “I have two weeks here in this beautiful place to do exactly as I wish”

that will change your mood   

and that will change your feelings and your body – more relaxed, lower blood pressure etc.

So by changing one thing you change others

Therefore by changing your thinking with CBT Bolton, you can change the way you feel.

If you want to find out more about this approach and the benefits for you,  then please contact me here

I look forward to working with you  

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