Anxiety counselling Bolton

Help is available here for you to feel better fast.

You are probably here because you are suffering from anxiety, worry, stress or panic. Often you may have tried to resolve the issue yourself and not managed it or perhaps it comes and goes, and now is a bad patch.

Maybe you fear that it won’t get better and you are stuck.

Firstly, let me assure you, you are in the right place to get help.

I’m Stuart and I became a therapist after suffering anxiety and panic attacks myself as a result of overwork and stress.

I decided to specialise in helping others who were suffering the same feelings and becoming a guide for them in times of pressure and difficulty.

That was a long time ago and since then my practice aimed at anxiety counselling Bolton has seen many clients come and go successfully.

So allow me to tell you a few things I learned about anxiety along the way in the hope it helps you.

Anxiety is almost always underpinned by a sense of threat.

My clients use the word dread a lot to describe that feeling, often in the chest that they can’t put their finger on and yet can’t ignore.

It can also feel like never enjoying the sunshine because you are always looking out for the storm.

The good news is that I have a plan to help you if you feel anxious, threatened, worried or scared.

You see, that threat can be conscious or subconscious.

Using therapy we can work to uncover it and make it not a threat.

Whether it’s in the past, present or future, using combination therapy we can work together to find your peace.

The work is partly educational, many people don’t understand the physiological effects of panic for example, they can think they are going mad or having a heart attack.

Once they learn that panic attacks are natural physiological events just in the wrong time and place, it can be like turning on the bedroom light when we were children and realising the ‘monster’ is only our dressing gown hanging on the back of the door.

of course support is key, as can be working together to gently challenge unhelpful beliefs.

Sometimes hypnosis can act like a light switch,

It’s not possible to be anxious and relaxed at the same time so turning on relaxation in hypnosis can give you an immediate tool to control those moments when it gets big on you and soothe your agitated (and often exhausted) nervous system.

Anxiety counselling Bolton puts the power back in your hands.   

There are many tools at your disposal.

Anxiety counselling Bolton can help you find your peace.

So please don’t suffer in silence or struggle without the tools to make it better.

As a UKCP and BACP therapist, I can see you if you refer yourself or if you are a BUPA or other major health insurer client, please contact me here.

The UKCP logo - Stuart Cale of anxiety counselling Bolton is a full clinical member

The BACP Logo - Stuart Cale of anxiety counselling Bolton is a registered member

I also offer online therapy here.

One of the questions I am often asked by new clients is ‘will it go away?’

Well I among many others am living proof it can, anxiety is learned behaviour,  and it can be unlearned.

I look forward to working with you.