Generalised Anxiety Disorder

Generalised Anxiety Disorder causes

These are often hard to pin down but in my experience, there is a sense of threat at either the conscious or unconscious (subconscious) level.

The NHS list several causative factors but of course any list or diagnostic criteria (whilst obviously clinically useful) often miss the nuances of the individual.

I prefer to work with the client’s description rather than a label.

Whether it’s an issue in the past, present or future or emotion, thought or behaviour based, the first step is to really listen.

To see the issue through your eyes, you must feel heard, valued and safe. I can then offer the theory, science and tools to explain and help.

This is how I see therapy, not as labels but as personal and bespoke to you.

Having a wide toolbox of approaches gives you the optimum chance of getting back to your peaceful life.

Generalised Anxiety Disorder treatment

What most people tend to do in my experience is try to fix it themselves at first. I’m a believer in the person-centred principle of the client having the ability to resolve the issue  – but finding the tools and the root of the issue can be beyond some sufferers.

After all, would you try to diagnose an issue in your car’s engine management system with a YouTube video and a spanner?

This is where the tools of Psychotherapy, Counselling and Hypnotherapy come in.

By working together to reduce the symptoms in the first instance and then to uncover and address the cause, the therapist and client collaboration is far more effective than self-help books.

After all, these are another ‘one size fits all’ method and you are you, not the author of the book.

What I am saying here is don’t suffer in silence. Don’t live a life in discomfort where you feel like you are getting less than the full enjoyment of each day.

Get specialist help to work through and get to your best life.

If you have any questions, please reach out and ask me here.

I look forward to working with you

.Generalised Anxiety Disorder - a picture of someone calm, relaxed and stress free to show how life can be after therapy