UKCP and CNHC therapist Stuart Cale


Bolton Counsellor, Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist and Psychologist Stuart Cale.


Hi I’m Stuart and Talking-Cure is my combined therapy practice in Bolton offering Psychotherapy, Counselling and Hypnotherapy. I’d like to explain a little about my journey to this point and the purpose of my work to help you decide if we are a ‘good fit’ to work together on your issue.


My route to becoming a therapist started in my previous life as a lawyer. As with many people these days, I worked too hard in a high pressure environment, took on too much, let my self-care slip and burn out was the result.

I suffered a series of debilitating panic attacks which forced me to slow down and take stock. 

During treatment, my fascination with how I had got to this point (and not seen or taken notice of any of the warning signs along the way) was sparked.


When I was back on my feet, and still working as a trial Lawyer, I began to study the world of therapy and I simply couldn’t get enough.

What opened before my eyes was a rich and fascinating tapestry of human understanding and behaviour. It became my passion.


From then on, every spare moment I had I buried myself in study, absorbing as much as I possibly could and earning the academic and practical qualifications and skills to become a therapist, and I’m still doing it to this day.  


I believe the life of a therapist is a never ending search for knowledge, understanding and appreciation of the resilience and inner beauty of people.


I eventually gained UKCP registration and accreditation and picked up two national academic awards along the way (which was very nice).

I studied integrative therapy because from the beginning I realised that fitting the therapy around the client is far better than fitting the client to the therapy. To do this I needed a wide toolbox of approaches to help clients and getting these was what continued to drive me.


I obtained registration with BACP, CNHC and NCH and at this point was still working in my legal life but my therapy practice was growing in the evenings and at weekends, it was hard work but I knew deep down it was the right path for me.


A few years later, I was invited by the UKCP College I trained with to teach the next generations of therapists on the UKCP pathway, I still do this because I learn from my students as much as they learn from me.

Eventually I decided to leave the law because I had a waiting list and quite simply, I think  this work is more important and I have never regretted that choice for a moment.


Years later, I sit on various committees and academic boards, supervise other therapists and am the Vice-Principal of the College that trained me but I remain happiest in those privileged private moments, sharing the inner worlds of my clients and helping them to find their peace and resolve their troubles.

I made the journey, and now I am the guide.

Because I believe happiness matters.




P.S. If you want to contact me about therapy or training, you can do that by clicking here.