Bolton Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy Bolton with Stuart Cale of Talking-cure is available now

Bolton hypnotherapy appointments are available now with Stuart Cale.

Stuart has an MA in Counseling and Psychotherapy and a Postgraduate Certificate in Applied Mental Health Psychology as well as being both UKCP and BACP registered.

“Hypnotherapist is sadly not a protected title in the UK, the UKCP is the country’s gold standard of accreditation in psychotherapy, I run a training program through the NCHP (National College of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy) that accredits psychotherapists over a minimum of four years of intensive training at Master’s level to gain UKCP status.

This means that graduates of NCHP have the best educational background and practical skills to help you overcome issues great and small whether they are based in thought, emotion or behaviour.

Talking-Cure is my practice to bring that standard to the world of Bolton hypnotherapy services. With the added expertise of BACP counselling and psychology, we can address difficulties no matter how they arose or for how long they have been around.

So, whether your issue is behavioural or rooted in deeper questions of meaning or emotion, the help you need to overcome it is available now.

Your mind is a complex and vital part of you, you deserve the best of care and the best experience of human behaviour and understanding, tailored to your needs.

Hypnosis isn’t a magic cure but it is a very useful tool when used with a background of psychotherapy and that is the key, hypnotherapy training without the underlying knowledge of depth psychology is limited to ‘one size fits all’ repetition of suggestions. People don’t come in one size and nor do their minds.

You deserve to benefit from the best integrated approach and that comes from a hypnotherapist who combines hypnosis with psychotherapy, counselling and psychology expertise to deliver the changes you want to make.”

You can contact Stuart here.



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