Therapy Blog

Here, you’ll find my thoughts on all things mental health. I hope you find it useful and inspiring, it’s a resource designed to add value.

Having a foot firmly in both the psychology and psychotherapy camps, in the therapy blog I aim to explore the way that they can empower each other. The fact that there is a profession aimed at understanding and alleviating suffering of the mind is a constant inspiration to me.

I see mental health as being underpinned by mental fitness. We can improve our lives and how we feel by how we think, and thinking well is a skill we can learn like any other. This therapy blog looks at some the most common issues, informing you and helping.

We can use psychotherapy and psychology not just in times of difficulty, but to build fitter, stronger minds and improve our ability to cope.

If you have any thoughts or comments please feel free to contact me, and thanks for reading.


Smokers Aren’t Stupid

smokers aren’t stupid, seems a controversial statement that doesn’t it? But ask yourself why? Why is it that society and non-smokers treat people who smoke as if they are stupid? In this day and age, everyone who smokes is aware of the risks, it’s impossible not to be, there are reminders on every cigarette packet, […]

What is Hypnosis?

What is Hypnosis? At Talking-Cure, clients often present with some fundamental misunderstandings of the process. Hypnotherapy and psychotherapy using hypnosis (Hypno-psychotherapy), are very safe, and often pleasant methods of dealing with issues such as smoking, depression, anxiety, weight loss and phobias or fears. Here I address some of the issues and dispel some of the […]

Mental Health Matters

Welcome to the first of my therapy blog posts, where I introduce myself and share a vision for the future of therapy, and how you use it. I’m smiling widely today, and here’s why, Talking-Cure’s new website is live. Talking-Cure is my vision, and the result of a great deal of hard work. It’s different, and […]