Stress and anxiety


Man suffering from stress and anxiety

Man suffering from stress and anxiety

Stress and anxiety, we all know the effects, we recognise the all too familiar signs… be it sleepless nights, waking up in the dead of night, drinking or smoking to excess, headaches, bad-tempers, repetitive thinking or habits, or even full blown panic attacks with the associated frightening physical symptoms. If panic strikes, the result can be physically and mentally very scary. The thing that we don’t all know, is that something can be done to help and crucially, before we get to that stage.

We all need some stress, but it helps if we can recognise the type of stress. ‘Eustress’ as it is called is the type of stress that benefits us, the type of stress that pushes us to go that little bit further, to achieve, the type of stress that readies us for exams or business presentations, or for any occasion where we need to perform at our best.

Then there is bad stress. The problems with the bad type of stress ‘Distress’, come when demands on us exceed our perceived abilities and then when stress builds, anxiety can often accompany it. We pop a painkiller, or we lose ourselves in the T.V. or a glass of wine, temporary fixes, but there is another way.

If we can’t change the pressures on us, then we can certainly change how we react to them, and more importantly our perception of them. This has many benefits; firstly, the unpleasant and worrying effects of stress are lessened so that we can enjoy life more. Secondly, we can improve our physical health, lower blood pressure, heart rate etc. and thirdly, we are building a set of skills that will allow us to deal better with stress in the future, because we understand it. This in turn allows us to be the best version of ourselves that we can be… for us and for our loved ones.

At Talking-Cure I teach these coping skills, how to turn down the intensity from red to amber to green, how to relax, how to increase energy levels and cope with the pressures that modern life throws at us. By giving ourselves the ability to deal with stress and anxiety before they become crisis issues, we are taking a preventative path rather than looking for a cure. As we have touched on before, this is a fresh and positive approach to well-being, and the benefits in quality of life and saving in lost productivity can literally be enjoyed by anyone with the desire to take the necessary steps, we see it as an investment in your future.

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