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Here, you’ll find my thoughts on all things mental health. I hope you find it useful and inspiring, it’s a resource designed to add value.

Having a foot firmly in both the psychology and psychotherapy camps, in the therapy blog I aim to explore the way that they can empower each other. The fact that there is a profession aimed at understanding and alleviating suffering of the mind is a constant inspiration to me.

I see mental health as being underpinned by mental fitness. We can improve our lives and how we feel by how we think, and thinking well is a skill we can learn like any other. This therapy blog looks at some the most common issues, informing you and helping.

We can use psychotherapy and psychology not just in times of difficulty, but to build fitter, stronger minds and improve our ability to cope.

If you have any thoughts or comments please feel free to contact me, and thanks for reading.


Psychotherapy open questions symbolised by a photograph of an open road showing possibilities in therapy from the asking of open and helpful questions

Psychotherapy open questions

Psychotherapy open questions is another extract from my 2016 presentation at the International Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy Conference. While as therapists we all know about active listening and open questions, I’m often asked by students and colleagues about examples of such questions. These are the kind of questions that can open up a discourse, and help […]

Therapy of dreaming- a photograph of the award for presenting at the 2016 International Hypnosis and Psychotherapy Conference

Therapy of dreaming

Therapy of dreaming… sounds odd perhaps? Well, Freud called dreaming ‘the royal road to the subconscious’  We forget dreams when we wake up, and there’s a reason for this, and that is to prevent us confusing them with reality. I remember reading from a biography of Keith Richards about the fact that he used to […]

A person looking down at their feet symbolising the inwardly focused perspective of anxious thoughts.

Anxious thoughts

Anxious thoughts can be a problem when self-reflection gets out of hand and becomes negative rumination. As a health professional I accept that the Mental Health Foundation place this issue as a cause of anxiety and depression. In 2013 the University of Liverpool published a study that  said that rumination (a word for constant repetitive thinking […]